Track Your Editor's Progress

As an author, I know how frustrating it can be to send something to an editor and not hear from her for weeks (or even months). One of the fun things I like to provide my clients is a progress tracker. Upon receipt of your project, I will send you a link so you can see how I am doing with your project, as well as an estimate of when I think it may be complete.

Track your editor's progress!

My Awesome New Novel

Steps Explained


Step 1: Read Document
The editor will read through the manuscript, taking notes on worldbuilding, storyline, and character development.


The editor will begin the story critique described below. At this point, the editor may decide to complete the critique and return the manuscript to the author for revisions before continuing to the next step.
Otherwise, the editor will continue to step 2.


Step 2: Print Document
The manuscript is formatted for paper edits then printed.

Step 3: Paper Edits
The editor will read through the manuscript, highlighting each line of text to differentiate between action, dialogue, etc. The editor will also use different colors to make comments, point out punctuation and other proofreading errors, suggest ways to reduce repetitive words and phrases, etc.

Step 4: Computer Edits
The editor transfers all comments and colors from the paper document to the electronic document while re-reading the manuscript, making additional comments and corrections.

Step 5: Software Edits
The manuscript is run through AT LEAST two editing software programs. The results are reviewed and any additional comments are added to the document.

Step 6: Proofread
The editor creates a color-coded mockup of the manuscript, accepting all suggested changes, then reads through the document one more time, usually on a small screen, highlighting any additional errors or concerns.

Step 7: Final Edits
The editor corrects any errors discovered in step 5.

Step 8: Story Critique
The editor provides a report describing the worldbuilding & character development as well as a detailed analysis of each chapter.


Upon completion of a story critique, your editor will send you an invoice for services. You should receive your manuscript within 24 hours of payment. If not, please contact us at