Read and Review
I will read through your manuscript and give you my 
opinion about the storyline, characters, setting, etc. 
I will also correct spelling, grammar and punctuation 
mistakes, as well as offer editing suggestions.

Video Conferencing
Are you one of those people who receives feedback 
better in person? No problem. After reviewing your
manuscript, we can schedule a video conference, where
 I will discuss all my editing notes with you. I use a free 
online program that will allow us to both view and edit 
the manuscript during the video chat. 

Story Coaching
You have a great idea, but you are struggling to get the 
words on paper. You need someone to help you find just the 
right words. With over twenty-five years tutoring experience, 
I can work with you to help you polish your manuscript. 
Included in the story coaching fee is a free manuscript evaluation 
and editing services until the project is ready for publication.

Request a Free Sample
Just like test-driving a car, you want to make sure your
 editor is a good match for you. I will provide a free beta 
read for your entire manuscript. In addition, I will do an
 in-depth edit of the beginning (roughly 1000 words) of 
the document, commenting on your characters, storyline, 
setting, etc. I will also point out any spelling or grammar
 errors and make light editing suggestions. If you like what you
 see, we will make arrangements for the remainder of the manuscript.

Flexible Payment Options
Unlike many other editing services, I do not ask for 
advanced payment except for a small down payment. 
You do not pay until the work is complete.  
All payments and contracts are processed using Square.