Publishing Assistance

Work In Progress Wonders can help you with your self publishing needs.

How does it work?

When you self-publish, you need to upload your manuscript and cover, double check the formatting (no one likes when there's only one word on a page) and input all your personal information (author, series info, blurb, etc). If you are publishing to multiple formats (Kobo, Kindle, etc), you may need to check each one separately. Additionally, book formatting and digital formatting may be different. (You may want color for your ebook but black and white for your paperback.)  This process can be very time consuming.

That's where we come in. We use Draft2Digital to help you self-publish your book. We will take your manuscript and convert it using our own software to preserve your original formatting. We will check for formatting errors and input all your personal information. We will proofread and format your book description (blurb). We will input your publishing price and set your distribution information. All of this is done according to the information you provide to us.

What formats are available?

Currently, Draft2Digital allows for the creation of digital books. At the moment, their print service is in the beta testing phase. If you are granted access to their print services, we can also help you create your print on demand book. Additionally, they partner with Findaway Voices to turn create your audiobook and we can help you with this service as well.

I wrote my book, but I don't have a cover, blurb, etc. Can you help?

Sure. Depending on what you're looking for, we can either help you with your design or point you to someone who will provide those services.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, you can. However, it can be very time consuming. Additionally, if you do not have the proper software, you may lose some of your formatting features.

How much does this cost? Do you take a portion of my royalties?

You worked hard for your royalties. We want you to keep them. Our base rate of $20 includes the following:
  • Uploading your manuscript to the Draft2Digital site
  • Checking for formatting issues
  • Inserting (and proofreading) your personal information
  • Selecting your pricing and distribution information.
  • We will contact you when everything is ready to launch. You will have the option of downloading the file to double check our work. (Note: this needs to be done before entering all the pricing and distribution information.) 
There are additional fees for the following:
  • Converting your manuscript to a digital format, making sure to preserve all formatting.
  • Assistance writing your end matter, book description, etc.
  • Cover creation
  • Other services not mentioned above

If you're doing all the work, why do I need to create a Draft2Digital account?

Simply put, you create an account and grant us access to edit your book information. (Not that we would, but we CANNOT access any personal information, such as your bank or password.) You need your own account in order to collect your royalties.

Can I see a sample?

Sure! Take a look at some of the books we've helped published. (We will only post your book on our site with your permission.)

If I don't like your services, can I get a refund?

First of all, we're sorry you are unhappy with our work. We would like to work with you to try to fix the errors. If you are truly dissatisfied, yes, we can offer you a refund as outlined in our contract.