Beta Reader Services

Do you love to read? 

We'd love to have you join our beta reader team!

What is a beta reader?
After an author writes a book, the beta reader is asked to read the book and give their opinion. Beta readers generally focus on the entire story, not the grammar, punctuation, or formatting issues.

How does it work?
When an author requests beta reading services, you will receive an email with the genre, word count, and first few pages of the manuscript. If you would like to continue reading, you can click on the link that will take you to the full story.

Do I have to read each story? What if I don't want to read the story?
If you read the introductory email and you do not think this story is for you, then you simply ignore the email. You will still be on our mailing list for the next manuscript.

I really think my friend would like to read this book. Can I forward the link?
Only members of our beta reading team will have access to the manuscripts. That being said, your friend is welcome to join our team.

How does this benefit an author?
Authors have access to the same document as the beta readers. Each beta reader will make comments on his or her own copy. If you would like, we can merge all the comments together for you into a single document, making it easier for authors to see what changes have been suggested.*

How do I know someone won't steal my book?
That is one of the risks authors must take with beta reading. However, our documents are locked so they cannot be copied. In order for someone to steal your document, they would have to literally rewrite it word for word.

How long will I have access to read the story?
That will depend on the author, who chooses when to make the document inactive.

How do I become a beta reader? 
Please complete our form below.

I am an author. How do I submit a manuscript to the beta reading group?
Please complete our form below.

*Since it takes time and effort for our staff to compile all your comments into a single document there is a small fee associated with this process. If you have less than ten beta readers, the process is free. For ten or more readers, the fee is $0.50 per reader.