Pay What You Can

The current coronavirus situation has created financial burdens on most of the world. However, Work in Progress Wonders believes that financial problems should not prevent authors from receiving editing help. Authors need to publish their final products in order to earn income.

As a result, I am instituting a "Pay What You Can" Policy for all contracts signed between now and August 30th.

How does it work?
The initial process will remain the same. After you submit a manuscript, I will beta read it and return it to you with my suggestions. My report will also include an estimated completion date as well as a contract for you to sign.

After you return the contract (as well as the $100 deposit for manuscripts over 10,000 words), I will perform a standard edit as usual. However, upon completion of the project, I will not send you an invoice. Instead, I will simply return the project to you. In addition, you will receive a summary of my services and expenses. (I'm working on a sample that will be posted here shortly.) This will give you an idea of what I would have charged.

Why are you doing this?
I understand that most authors budget a certain amount for the editing of their manuscripts. I also understand that during these challenging times, authors may need to tap into that budget to pay for food, medical supplies, or (for reasons I still don't quite understand) toilet paper. I don't want authors to feel they need to sacrifice their projects to care for their families.

When you receive the summary, you will be given a link to my payment page. If you are able to pay the full amount, that would be fantastic. However, if you are only able to pay a fraction, that is fine as well. You alone understand your finances during this critical time.

We are all in a difficult situation. I am not a critical employee. I don't have a stockpile of face masks to donate. Like many of you, I can only sit in my home and practice social distancing while I watch others on the front lines. Although it's not much, I consider this my way of giving back, at least to struggling authors.

So, authors, please continue working on your projects while you are social distancing and please consider this "Pay What You Can" policy my thank you for your loyalty.