September 2019 Newsletter

Work In Progress Wonders does not send out newsletters very often, but we have had some exciting developments over the summer and we wanted to share them with our clients.

As you know, Work In Progress Wonders will edit your book and provide you with feedback about the story. But after we return it to you, that doesn’t mean we're not still here for you. We are available proofread your final draft FOR FREE.* We can also help you publish your book with our new publishing assistance service.
*Please be aware, if your document requires more editing than our basic service provides, we may stop the proofreading and recommend further services. These would be available at a discounted rate.

Do you like to read? Would you like other readers to give you their opinion on your WIP? We are launching a new beta reader program. When you send us a document to edit, you will have the option of sharing it with the members of our beta reader program. (Authors can also opt to send manuscripts before contracting our services.) All readers will be reading and commenting on a single document, making it easy for you, the author, to organize the information.

At Work In Progress Wonders, our goal is to assist authors and one way we would like to do that is with a guest blog. Each month* (or week, if we can get enough volunteers), we would like to feature YOU. Tell us about your latest book (either your most recent publication or your WIP). Tell us about your inspiration. Did you have someone help you along the way? This is a great place to thank them. Did you have a really horrible experience in the publication process?
Share it! Let us post your story on our website. We will include links to your author platform (blog, book distribution website, social media accounts, etc). Get more information here.
* Right now, we are still looking for interested writers. When we have a minimum of twelve guests, we will begin this feature, hopefully by January.

Work In Progress Wonders got a new look this summer. To better display our new services, we updated our website. We've moved to We can also be found on Twitter at @WIPwonders. Come check us out.

Coming soon: Digital Launch Parties
We're still new to the idea, but we would love to host your digital launch party. Eventually, we will be charging for this service, but we're offering it for free while we work out the kinks. We will help you set it all up, so on the launch party date, you won't have to do any work. Stay tuned for more information.

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