Authors Wanted!!

Calling all authors!

We are looking for authors to share their stories on our blog!

At Work In Progress Wonders, our goal is to assist authors and one way we would like to do that is with a guest blog. Each month (or week, if we can get enough volunteers), we would like to feature YOU. Tell us about your latest book (either your most recent publication or your WIP). Tell us about your inspiration. Did you have someone help you along the way? This is a great place to thank them. Did you have a really horrible experience in the publication process? Share it.
Let us post your story on our website. We will include links to your author platform (blog, book distribution website, social media accounts, etc).

What's the catch?

There's no catch. Well, we will be proofreading your blog entry before posting it, but that's to make sure you're presenting the best you. And that your post isn't a 2000 word tirade against your ex. (Unless, of course, that's the topic of your book. Then, by all means, go right ahead.)

How do I sign up?

You can email us at or sign up using our Contact page.